Self Checkout

Manage your mental wellness

Features of Self Checkout

Track Moods

Record how you’re feeling at a given time. View your Check In history, location, and steps.

Learn Triggers

Think about and describe why you felt a particular emotion so you can better understand what makes you happy, sad, etc.

Monitor Self Care

Create a list of things you can do on a daily basis to improve your mood and overall well being. Cross them off as you accomplish them.

Access Resources

Browse a list of professional groups who can provide expert help advice on more serious mental health issues.

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About Us

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Self Checkout?

A: Self Checkout is a mental wellness tracking application that allows users to track how they’re feeling over time. It also contains a list of valuable resources for more extreme mental wellness issues that users can use to receive professional assistance.

Q: What can I do with Self Checkout?

A: You can record how you’re feeling at a given time, as well as the intensity of the emotion and what caused you to feel this way. You can also set custom timed notifications that will ask if you feel any different from your last check in, and you will be prompted to make a new entry if you do.

Q: Will Self Checkout provide any advice and help for serious mental health issues?

A: No, Self Checkout will not provide any expert advice on those topics. There is, however, a list of resources that can provide professional counselling and help for various mental health concerns that you may have.

Q: Who can see my information and is it stored?

A: Self Checkout utilizes an analytics software in order to improve your in-app experience. All personal data is stored within your device. No personal data or indivual check ins are sent to us.